Bohemien Midea Highwall

The Dresden x Midea line gives a whole new meaning to comfort and cool. Midea’s high wall comfort cooling air conditioner is levelled up with Studio Dresden’s custom-designed panels to make your cooling unit a seamless piece of your home interior. Select from our exclusive Walder & Macht finishes to complete and complement the look of your space.

Specs & Features:
  • The advanced compressor is designed to deliver comfortable, cooling air, even with outside temperatures as high as 50°C.
  • You can adjust the fan speed from 1% - 100%, enjoying a more comfortable cooling experience by precise wind speed control.
  • Operation as quiet as 18dB allows you to rest peacefully. The only sound is the cooling air circulating the room.
  • equipped with iECO energy-saving technology. You can rest in comfort for 8 hours while significantly reducing energy consumption.
We can help connect you to our partner brand for site survey and/or installation, please send us a message to book a schedule

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